Thursday, April 26, 2007


We haven't had enough of Hwy 95, besides from Mina, it's 95 or nothing. Tonapah was the next town and we needed gas. What do we see across from the gas station but yet another Hotel, built probably in the 1920s, empty and also for sale. If someone could come up with something to do with these beautiful old building that would make money, it would be great fun to restore them.

Speaking about old hotels, Remember the last one in Alturas. About 10 years ago, our son-in-law tried to buy it but someone had just purchased it. Isn't that wild.

Back to 95. Before and after Tonapah Roy was clicking the camera like crazy. The mountains, some still capped with snow were just amazing. I haven't down loaded them yet, but when I do, you will see how beautiful Nevada really is.

Stopped in Beatty for some homemade ice cream. It wasn't the best that I have had, but it sure tasted good. At about 4 we got into Pahrump, NV where we spent the night. Tomorrow, we are going to explore Ash Meadows and Death Valley

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