Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

I have given up on days, I haven't a clue.
We stayed two nights in Pahrump so we could drive over to Ash Meadows and Death Valley. Ash Meadows is a great place to visit, right in the middle of this arid desert we found this great little place, and we had it mostly to ourselves. The reason was because it was an 8 mile washboard dirt road into the place and then we found we could have come in from another direction and would have only been three miles of dirt. The wildlife was amazing. A kingfisher showed off for us and lizards darted around us, ducks were everywhere and when we came to the pool (above) I would have gladly gone skinny dipping in it. It was just that blue and they call it fossil water because they believe that it went underground about 1000 years ago.
I would love to volunteer out there but Roy turned up his nose at the thought of summer in Nevada.

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