Saturday, May 09, 2009

Okay, not so official

Now my reporting date is 24 July. Get the sunscreen out.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's official

I'm going to be heading south to Ft Irwin end of June for a 5+ month job with the Red Cross. Roy and I have to be in Cle Elem first of June, Spokane - mid June, so the plan is spend the first part of June wandering around Northeastern WA and then after Spokane, we will head south via Montana, Utah, Nevada and ending in Barstow.

We are getting ready:
I went shopping at the PX and lucky for me, they had tons of summer clothes on sale 75% off. How lucky is that. Here in Washington State we don't really need summer clothes and I have nothing for 100 degree weather.
Washed and waxed Ms Tioga. I am sure she appreciated it, as moss was developing here and there after a winter in storage. She still needs an oil change and I am going to go through the 'basements' and see what we can eliminate. I know we didn't use most of what we took last year and what's the point. (I washed her yesterday and today, of course it's pouring rain. Looked out and there is one big old black streak that I missed cleaning off. )

I'm looking forward to working again but I'm glad it's only for 5 months and I am so glad I'll be near my friends from Yucca Valley. They are going to get tired of seeing me. LOL

Native American Tribes

Roy and I have visited a lot of Native American reservations and this trip was no exception. While at Lava Beds and Klamath Falls the museums all told the story of the Modoc's who fought a 6 month war, under the leadership of Modicus, to regain their homelands. It didn't work, they were hung, but they did manage to kill more US soldiers than we lost in the Spanish American War, including one General (the only general killed in any war) General Camby. (Califorina, Oregon and Washington all have towns named for General Camby)

We also visited the Tree's of Mystery's in Northern California and they have a wonderful museum on the different tribes. Its free and well worth the visit.

Our last visit was to the Yurok Village. Here are some photos. The Yuroks, Algonkin family, still use this village.


We didn't have much luck finding lighthouses that were listed on the map. Samoa was suppose to have one and we drove around and Roy even walked about a mile down the beach and nothing.

We did find a little one at Trinidad Head
Trinidad Head

and revisited the tiny one at Crescent City.

In Oregon we tried to find Cape Mears, drove around and around and finally asked a Ranger who told us the road washed out a couple years ago and only a vista remains. Our next find was Cape Blanco, at Port Orford


and the last was at Umpqua. Actually it was our last stop and after this we headed home.

It was a great trip, we had a wonderful time and now I have a ton of washing to do, a car to empty etc, etc.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Eureka and the Redwood Hwy

After a couple days in Redding Ca, we headed up and over the Coastal Range to Eureka and the Redwood Hwy. What awesome views.
The Carson House is the most photographed house in the US and you can see why. The Pink House across the street was built by the same Mr Carson for his daughter as a wedding present.
I have to explain about the pole, it didn't get named and I couldn't go back and name it. It shows where the high water mark was during a 1964 storm hit the town of Weott. This poor, ill fated town had been flooded out in 1955, then Hwy 101 was built around it so it lost all the revenue from the tourist and in 1964 it was hit again by an even larger flood. That killed it, folks moved away and what is left is the poles showing the water level of the 64 flood.