Friday, May 01, 2009

Eureka and the Redwood Hwy

After a couple days in Redding Ca, we headed up and over the Coastal Range to Eureka and the Redwood Hwy. What awesome views.
The Carson House is the most photographed house in the US and you can see why. The Pink House across the street was built by the same Mr Carson for his daughter as a wedding present.
I have to explain about the pole, it didn't get named and I couldn't go back and name it. It shows where the high water mark was during a 1964 storm hit the town of Weott. This poor, ill fated town had been flooded out in 1955, then Hwy 101 was built around it so it lost all the revenue from the tourist and in 1964 it was hit again by an even larger flood. That killed it, folks moved away and what is left is the poles showing the water level of the 64 flood.

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