Friday, April 30, 2010

Sort of worked

Yucca in bloom

This is another photo that I rather like. A lone Yucca.

Photo that didn't work

Behind the swimming sign

I am trying to show this ridiculous sign that I found while hiking the Joshua Tree. It actually says No Swimming, but the sign is to small to really show up, I tried to show it closer but that didn't work either

Follow my photo class

The instructor asked that we bring in 2 photos that we like and two that we don't like. As I looked through all the photos I found most of my pictures needed help. This one I call my "happy accident" as I didn't even know what "depth of field" was, yet this is a good example of "shallow"

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taking a Photography class

We signed up at the local college and what a great class. DH and I have these real expensive Nikons and can't get off the "green" auto button. LOL Your in for a treat, we now actually know what an f-stop is and does, not to mention WB and ISO. Can't wait for the rain to quit so we can go out and try our new skills.