Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We spent two days in the town of John Day, Oregon and it was wonderful. We toured the fossil beds, a restored ranch and the Kah Wa Chung Museum all which were pretty wonderful, especially the museum.
Roy's family had a farm in a small community called Lookout. Now the only claim to fame that Lookout CA has was a rather embarrassing and down right nasty event when the town hung a family of Natives for stealing. They really had no proof but that didn't seem to bother the residents, one who could have been Roy's grandfather for all we know. Its very funny that no one's name is mentioned in connection with this event. We stayed in Adin, CA and checked out the cemetery where we found not only Roys Great Grandfather, Isaac Hastings but also two of his children. The broken tombstone was a surprise. It belonged to George Washington Oxendine who was Roy's 2nd Great Grandmothers brother. We didn't know any Oxendines lived in the area. The town of Lookout and Adin are now both pretty sad places, although Adin had a great hamburger restaurant and friendly General Store. Lookout was just ghost town status.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our first day in Corning was spent just getting our bearings and driving around. Roy got this awesome picture of an Osprey by standing under a tree and waiting for just the perfect picture. There was at least one baby in the nest, could have been more.
We drove a lot of miles today looking for a white ranch on Hwy 44 where Roy and Kerm both remember living. We drove up 44 and back down 44 and nothing. It was a beautiful drive though and then we found out from Roys sister that 44 had been rerouted when the built the freeway, but it was to late to try it again so we'll save that for another day. Stopped in the small town of Los Molinos where Roy's grandmother had last lived. Had a great hamburger at a small café and the museum was really nice, but we didn't learn anything.
Had a busy day. We started out by driving to Black Butte which are the landscape pictures, It was beautiful country and a nice drive. Found this campground where noticed these acorn woodpeckers in the oak trees. Our next stop was the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge where we didn't see many birds but this bobcat kept our attention for quite awhile. While we watched Niece Lori called and we meet her in Arbuckle where she showed us Great Great Grandfathers grave. She ordered a new stone for him as he was a civil war vet but we all rather liked the homemade stone.
Our last day in Corning and we felt that we had pretty much seen it all and done it all so because we knew that Roy's Grandfather died in Chico, we decided to go and see if we could get a copy of his death certificate. It was easier than I thought, took about 10 minutes and $16. and we learned where he lived in Chico and that he died of heart trouble at 58. Pretty young. He worked for Zimmerman's Furniture Store which doesn't exist for some reason buried in Red Bluff California. It was a nice drive.
Leaving Corning we decided to see if we could find Roy's grandfather's grave. By using the death certificate that we had gotten the day before, we knew he was buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery, in Red Bluff but the second we drove in, we new we would never find it. The place is huge with over 15000 residents. But we drove around and way in the back we found an office and a nice lady who laughed when she saw who we were looking for, the site was about 10 foot from her office door. As you see, Grandpa didn't have a stone so on the way out, we stopped at the man who made memorials and ordered one. It should arrive soon.
Redding Calif. So don't stay at the Howard Johnsons in Redding. I always thought Howard Johnson was a pretty good hotel but this place was pure scary, creaky stairs, buggy rooms, etc. But our day in Redding was wonderful and we enjoyed spending time with Roy's sister Pat.
Leaving California was rather bitter sweet and I hate that section of I 5 in above Redding as for some reason its always heavy traffic and slow-moving trucks or speeding trucks that scare the life out of me. We arrived in Portland just in time for the evening traffic and more bumper to bumper traffic to negotiate. The next day, we picked up George and drove to Tillamook for ice cream and the beach.