Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roy's family had a farm in a small community called Lookout. Now the only claim to fame that Lookout CA has was a rather embarrassing and down right nasty event when the town hung a family of Natives for stealing. They really had no proof but that didn't seem to bother the residents, one who could have been Roy's grandfather for all we know. Its very funny that no one's name is mentioned in connection with this event. We stayed in Adin, CA and checked out the cemetery where we found not only Roys Great Grandfather, Isaac Hastings but also two of his children. The broken tombstone was a surprise. It belonged to George Washington Oxendine who was Roy's 2nd Great Grandmothers brother. We didn't know any Oxendines lived in the area. The town of Lookout and Adin are now both pretty sad places, although Adin had a great hamburger restaurant and friendly General Store. Lookout was just ghost town status.

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