Friday, October 05, 2007

End of the Journey

We spent our last night at an Econo Lodge in Prineville, Oregon and it is another town that I would certainly love to return to someday. There is lots of land for sale at a very resonable price and I would love to buy some just to say I have it.

Our last day, we drove to Portland and dropped off George and then headed home. All and all it was a fantastic trip and if I could do it over again, I would park someplace and spend at least a month.

But we have lots of places to see yet and I if I didn't mention it, I think this winter we are going to head south to Yuma and snake our way north, checking out all the National Parks. There are a ton of them, Grand Canyon, last time I was there I was 15. Then Utah has a few, Brice, Arches, etc. Neither Roy or I have been to Yellowstone so that would be on our list and lastly Glacier.

Hope the price of gas goes down.

John Day Fossil Beds/Cant Ranch

Next to the last day and all of us are both kinna sad that its ending and maybe a little tired of the travel. We took Hwy 7 out of Baker City and then caught Hwy 26, stopping at the amazing John Day Fossil Beds and the Cant Ranch.

This is a few of the mountains of the John Day from the Cant Ranch.

The Cant Ranch House. Mrs Cant said that when she went to heaven she would have a dishtowel in her hands. It was a big sheep ranch and not only did she have lots of hand on the farm to feed, the family also had lots of guests. Poor woman fed them all.

There are three sections to the John Day Fossil Beds. This area is called Painted Hills area. They were amazing and very very red.