Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last Day - KOA

Friday we were back in civilization again and stopped at the Ellensburg KOA. It was a nice park and Roy made friends with the owners, but I was a little unhappy with the place. We were there early enough, like noon, but they said they had no sites with either cable or sewer. The site they gave us was so far from WiFi that we barely could use it either. Yet when we woke up the next morning, the place was still about half full and lots of room. I think the reason was because I gave the lady a check. She made a comment that she didn't like bounced checks. If she had asked, I would have given her the debit card or even cash, but she just made snide remarks instead and gave us the worst site in the park.Don't think we'll be back soon, although the Owner did offer Roy a job next summer.

Thursday, what a nightmare

Another beautiful day in Washington and we left Kennewick before noon and drove to Walla Walla, WA and then on to Lewis and Clark State Park. The park was closed, probably because there was a fire in the area so we continued on to Palouse Falls State Park.
The road from Hwy 12 to the park is not a keeper. First it was very narrow and about 10 miles in we came to a bridge that was NOT my cup of tea. It was over the Snake River, about 1000 foot over and it was as narrow as the road with tiny 3 foot guard rails. I would have closed my eyes if I haven't been driving and about a 3rd of the way over this monster, what do I meet but a huge truck. He stops and I had inches on my side and maybe a foot on the other side. I was actually sick to my stomach by the time I go off that bridge and No, I am not ever going that way again.
Palouse Falls State Park was mostly tent sites, but we parked in the lot and for the first time we "dry camped". I was still a little ill thinking about that bridge, so I stayed in the RV while Roy went and took pictures. You see, there is a height issue here also. We were alone in the park, and felt like we were alone in the world. There was nothing in the area and no other campers. At just about dark two other Campers came in but they decided they didn't like it and took off. (I hope they aren't afraid of heights and heading south) When we woke in the morning there was another van camped next to us, but at dawn they left and we followed shortly. We got off that narrow road as soon as possible and on to one that was straight and wider. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday in Kennewick

Last of Hwy 14 and I am just as glad to be off of it. While I loved the camping, I am afraid of heights and this road seemed to be teetoring on the top of the world. This is a picture that Roy took from a pull-out, which I absolutely refused to look at. Thats a town way down there.
Our next stop was Kennewick and the Tri-Cities RV Park. We needed a day in town to restock and do some shopping and we even found a decent Mexican Restaurant near the park and treated ourselves to dinner. Roy ordered Tortilla Soup and the bowl was hugh. I had carne asada and it was very good.
The park is very nice with all the amenities, cable TV, WiFi, hot showers, and super friendly staff. We already have reservations to return in June and this time, we are going to spend a whole week there. Within walking distance is a Mall, Home Depot and of course, the Mexican Restaurant. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Crow Butte Campground

My new favorite campground is Crow Butte. Crow Butte was a state park but has been transfered to private hands and its a great, uncrowded place to camp. The spaces are wide and trees are plentiful and the wildlife is abundant due to its proximaty to the Umatilla Wildlife Refuge. There are over 50 spaces and there were only 4 campers so we had lots of room.
Once we parked we decided to spend two nights and we'er glad that we did. On Tuesday the wind picked up and nearly gale force for most of the day. Driving in it would have been scary.
There are a couple of trails, and we took one labelled Sand Beach. About 2/3s of the way down to the beach we saw a huge deer which I called an Elk, but Roy said was a mule deer. What ever it was, Roy took off over the ridge to see if he could get a picture and I continued down to the dunes and eventually back to the camp. Roy didn't see the deer again, but he did see the other side of the mountain.
That evening we went out to see if we could see any deer and Roy got a couple good pictures of some White Tail, like the one above. They like to come into the park at dusk.
Like Columbia Hills, we did hear trains and road traffic, but geese were also plentiful and their honks were much easier on the ears.
I give Crow Butte a 10 plus and will go back. It is just off Hwy 14 west of Paterson and east of The Dalles bridge. Its a keeper.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Columbia Hills/Horsethief Lake State Park

Thats our campground in the background and a fake owl in the tree. I would rate this park about a 6 as the utility sites (only 8 of them) were pretty much one on top of the other. Would I come back, sure. Its a nice park and open til the end of October.

23 Oct 06

Spent a chilly night, mostly because of Roys frugal attitude toward the propane!!! Woke to a beautiful morning with plans to hike to the petroglyphs.

Later: Well while the petroglyphs were awesome we were unable to hike to "She Who Watches", the most famous one, as they closed the hike due to vandalism. Isn't that a shame. We did get to see some that they had saved from the when they built the dam and would have been underwater. They lined the trail with them and the "First People" as they are called, now use the area as a religious meeting area. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

22 October Columbia Hills State Park/Horsethief Lake

Slow to get started and a long drive to the Columbia Gorge and our plans to camp at Beacon Rock fell thru because the campground is closed for the winter, so we continued the drive to Columbia Hills State Park.
On a scale of 1-10, I think we would give this park a 5 or 6. The utility sites, all 8 of them and in a tight little bunch at the entrance to the park, the rest is day use only, but the hikes are interesting and we took lots of pictures.
Once parked and settled in, we walked down to the waters edge and laughted at the "no swimming" sign. Didn't have to tell us more than once, the water looked cold and murky. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nisqually NWR

The Delta has many ecosystems and this is one of my favorite places to sit and catch my breath. I am sitting in a bird blind peeking at a duck who, of course you can't see. This date was one of the best for siting birds, besides the duck, I saw herons and some little shore bird pecking in the mud. Posted by Picasa

Its been awhile

This tree is actually called "Old Grandpa" by the locals. You go for a hike and no telling what you find to take a picture of. This is September at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge near Olympia, WA Posted by Picasa