Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thursday, what a nightmare

Another beautiful day in Washington and we left Kennewick before noon and drove to Walla Walla, WA and then on to Lewis and Clark State Park. The park was closed, probably because there was a fire in the area so we continued on to Palouse Falls State Park.
The road from Hwy 12 to the park is not a keeper. First it was very narrow and about 10 miles in we came to a bridge that was NOT my cup of tea. It was over the Snake River, about 1000 foot over and it was as narrow as the road with tiny 3 foot guard rails. I would have closed my eyes if I haven't been driving and about a 3rd of the way over this monster, what do I meet but a huge truck. He stops and I had inches on my side and maybe a foot on the other side. I was actually sick to my stomach by the time I go off that bridge and No, I am not ever going that way again.
Palouse Falls State Park was mostly tent sites, but we parked in the lot and for the first time we "dry camped". I was still a little ill thinking about that bridge, so I stayed in the RV while Roy went and took pictures. You see, there is a height issue here also. We were alone in the park, and felt like we were alone in the world. There was nothing in the area and no other campers. At just about dark two other Campers came in but they decided they didn't like it and took off. (I hope they aren't afraid of heights and heading south) When we woke in the morning there was another van camped next to us, but at dawn they left and we followed shortly. We got off that narrow road as soon as possible and on to one that was straight and wider. Posted by Picasa

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