Friday, October 27, 2006

Crow Butte Campground

My new favorite campground is Crow Butte. Crow Butte was a state park but has been transfered to private hands and its a great, uncrowded place to camp. The spaces are wide and trees are plentiful and the wildlife is abundant due to its proximaty to the Umatilla Wildlife Refuge. There are over 50 spaces and there were only 4 campers so we had lots of room.
Once we parked we decided to spend two nights and we'er glad that we did. On Tuesday the wind picked up and nearly gale force for most of the day. Driving in it would have been scary.
There are a couple of trails, and we took one labelled Sand Beach. About 2/3s of the way down to the beach we saw a huge deer which I called an Elk, but Roy said was a mule deer. What ever it was, Roy took off over the ridge to see if he could get a picture and I continued down to the dunes and eventually back to the camp. Roy didn't see the deer again, but he did see the other side of the mountain.
That evening we went out to see if we could see any deer and Roy got a couple good pictures of some White Tail, like the one above. They like to come into the park at dusk.
Like Columbia Hills, we did hear trains and road traffic, but geese were also plentiful and their honks were much easier on the ears.
I give Crow Butte a 10 plus and will go back. It is just off Hwy 14 west of Paterson and east of The Dalles bridge. Its a keeper.

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