Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday in Kennewick

Last of Hwy 14 and I am just as glad to be off of it. While I loved the camping, I am afraid of heights and this road seemed to be teetoring on the top of the world. This is a picture that Roy took from a pull-out, which I absolutely refused to look at. Thats a town way down there.
Our next stop was Kennewick and the Tri-Cities RV Park. We needed a day in town to restock and do some shopping and we even found a decent Mexican Restaurant near the park and treated ourselves to dinner. Roy ordered Tortilla Soup and the bowl was hugh. I had carne asada and it was very good.
The park is very nice with all the amenities, cable TV, WiFi, hot showers, and super friendly staff. We already have reservations to return in June and this time, we are going to spend a whole week there. Within walking distance is a Mall, Home Depot and of course, the Mexican Restaurant. Posted by Picasa

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