Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heading Back

Heading back to what really feels like my second home, Fort Irwin CA. I have been there twice in the last couple of years, once when Stephanie retired and again when Bill quit. I have a real love/hate with the area. I hate the long drive from Barstow to the base, it is dull and boring, folks drive to fast or to slow and its nothing but creosote bush, dry lake beds,sand and rocks.

 Barstow is a rather sad little town, a relic of the 40ies and 50ies, with lots of liquor stores, a couple of grocery stores, empty stores, and fast food stores and a downtown that looks much like every small town in America that WalMart has ruined.

But I love the desert, and the weather. When the wildflowers bloom, they really make a show. I love how the sun plays on the mountains. I love those occasional water feature where birds or all shape and sizes flock to. I love Death Valley, Ash Meadows. I love the Mojave and Lake Havasu and I'm so lucky to be only a couple hours from Joshua Tree.