Saturday, May 02, 2009

Native American Tribes

Roy and I have visited a lot of Native American reservations and this trip was no exception. While at Lava Beds and Klamath Falls the museums all told the story of the Modoc's who fought a 6 month war, under the leadership of Modicus, to regain their homelands. It didn't work, they were hung, but they did manage to kill more US soldiers than we lost in the Spanish American War, including one General (the only general killed in any war) General Camby. (Califorina, Oregon and Washington all have towns named for General Camby)

We also visited the Tree's of Mystery's in Northern California and they have a wonderful museum on the different tribes. Its free and well worth the visit.

Our last visit was to the Yurok Village. Here are some photos. The Yuroks, Algonkin family, still use this village.

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