Sunday, May 06, 2007

Convict Lake - Mammoth Lake, Calif

We left Red Rock Canyon early, continuing north on Hwy 395 past Bishop, Ca and found Convict Lake Campground. The lower picture was a picture of the creek that bubbled right past our campsite. It was wonderful. The weather was now cool as we were higher in the mountains but the sky was blue, blue and the sun sparkled on the water. The only problem was the wind came up and by nightfall it was really blowing hard and when we departed the next morning, it hadn't gotten any better.
The road also got worse. As we climbed into the Sierra Nevada's, the road twisted and turned, the wind bobbed us around like a cork on water, and big "Strong Wind" signs warned of what was to come. Also, when we started the RV at Convict, it started acting up again, so I was worried about that. We even hit 8000' elevation!!! This was not fun.

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