Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Deschutes State Park

The old covered wagon greeted us at the entrance of our first night camp. According to the history of the area, this was part of the Oregon trail and they tell you that if you look across the river at sunrise or sunset, you can see the ruts in the road. I looked, but possibly you need to have a vivid imagination also. I saw no ruts
Yes, I forgot stuff. Propane being the most important. (Actually, thats Roy's job and HE forgot to check it) Glad we had electricity and the microwave warmed over our leftovers and made coffee.
We checked out the River Trail for about a mile and then returned on what they call the Middle Trail. While I was making dinner, I noticed a little tick was on my arm. Thank goodness it hadn't managed to burrow in. All I need at this age is Lyme Disease......
Note to self: Propane and Mosquito Repellant

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