Monday, April 23, 2007

17 April 07 Day 3

Got an early start and instead of getting back on the I-84 we took a little narrow country road to Hwy 97. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t handy because we passed this old church that was crying to have its picture taken. It was probably a 100 years old and falling apart, but so quaint. Anyway, decided to come back one day before it’s gone for good.
Road Less Traveled, have you heard that before. I got this brilliant idea to take another country road off Hwy 97 to John Day. The further east we went, the narrower the road got, and the steeper the drop off got. Lucky there weren’t many cars because I was driving right down the center lane. It got to the point that I saw a place to turn around and I did. I will save John Day for another time when I am not in the motor home.
We stopped at Madras and bought the repellent and then found the KOA where we had reservations. It was nice, wide spaces, WIFI that worked and hot showers. While we were there, it rained, hailed and snowed, but we were snuggled in.

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