Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 6

Well we didn’t get stick, it was actually a very foggy morning but the roads were dry so we continued south. Gas in California is running about $3.35 a gallon, so if we can make it, we are going to try to head for Nevada and fill up there.

Found Pyramid Lake and as I had found nothing about any full service campgrounds in the area, when we stopped at the little store to get a dry camping permit, the lady told us the Marina had full hook ups. Another “happy accident” and it had everything except internet service and it was only $20 dollars a night. Heck, that is awesome….Pyramid lake is huge, and they were holding a fishing tournament while we were there so there were a few boats in the water. Across the lake is a small island which is a National Wildlife Area and protected as it’s a nesting area for the white pelican. We saw a few pelicans and tried to take their pictures. Will see how that turns out when we download the camera.

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