Monday, April 23, 2007

Original RV
I’m sitting here at La Pine State Park and the sun is out and the snow is just coming down. Since it isn’t sticking, we don’t really mind. I checked out the Nature Trail, but got cold so turned around and will try it again later.
Left Madras after a leisurely breakfast and stopped in Bend for gas. The tank was barely at ½ and we spent over $100.00. Makes one nauseous!!!! AND we hear that California is worse.
On the map, they have the High Desert Museum in red, so we decided to check it out and it was great. We spent hours going through it, seeing some wildlife, recreations of old settler’s homes and a steam powered saw mill. There were displays of both local and Plains Indians and some of the most amazing bead work I have ever seen. If you get a chance, stop by the High Desert Museum and spend the day, its well worth the $12 bucks admission charge.

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