Saturday, April 14, 2007

And we're just about off

Tomorrow is the day and I am so excited. We are headed out as soon as Roy mows the lawn. Its either been raining or he has been busy so the lawn is about ankle deep. I would do it, but I have the RV to stock, clean, dump, and de-moss from the winter, not to mention a house to ready for un-occupancy. Notice - here I sit - on the computer doing nothing.
Our first stop is going to be Deschutes State Recreation Area and we are going to spend a couple nights there so we can explore the area. It looks like its got tons of hikes so expect lots of pictures.
Our next stop in Madras, Ore and I think they have WIFI so we can post our first entry. After that, we will be at a couple more Oregon state Parks, La Pine and Goose Lake. We are going to spend the weekend at Fallon Naval Air Station and restock, use the Laundromat, etc etc. From there, if the weather is okay and if the road is open, we are going to Berlin-Ichthyosaur SP. It's at the 7000 foot elevation area so it may still be very cold, but its and interesting park and we would hate to miss it.
From Berlin south, THERE HAD BETTER BE SOME WARM SUN. We are going to explore Death Valley, so I am hoping for warm also. What are the odds.
We should be at Twenty-Nine Palms the following weekend and looking forward to seeing our friends in the area and then heading home thru California and Oregon.
Hope we can post lots of pictures.

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