Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally, Day One

I have an announcement. Its great to be retired. Today is our first day on a vacation that we have been looking forward to for months. First day and no stress at all, we didn't have to rush, Roy finished mowing the lawn while I went through the house making sure everything was packed, making sure the coffee pot was unplugged ( I did that about 10 times), making sure the lights were out (twice) and double checking to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. (Didn't work, we did) It was a tad after 11 am, so we stopped at the first rest stop and had lunch.
I-5 to I 205 to I 84 was our route and I must say, I-84 in Oregon is beautiful. Multnomah Falls is only one of many along the route and we stopped and took tons of pictures from just about every angle and then wondered how much an ice cream would cost. Once we saw the line, we decided we really didn't need any, anyway.
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