Sunday, April 08, 2007

One week and counting

Do I look excited? I feel excited
In one week we will be on our our frist vacation of the year and I am really in frantic mode as I have lots to do, both at work and here at home before I can really be ready, if you know what I mean.
Will I remember everything? Thats my biggest fear, forgetting the Rx, the salt or, heaven forbid, a can opener. Its a big deal to get to your campsite, most of which are in the middle of no where, and back in and pull forward until your straight in and your still speaking to your spouse who was directing you and once that is all done, you notice that you forgot the meat you had planned on for dinner, its still at home in the freezer. Well, the only thing I would unplug for is my morning coffee, everything else I can do without.
Will I remember to turn off the coffee pot or worry about for the next month.
Did I make all the reservations? Do I need reservations, will anyone else be on the road.
Will I need to sell my first born to pay for gas?
Anyway, watch this spot.

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