Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Neah Bay

Neah Bay
Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain on the rig and in the morning, we were sitting in puddles. We hoped it would clears, but neither the weatherman nor the sky look very promising. Undaunted, we unhooked the rig and followed the signs out of town to ShiShi. I had wanted to go to Cape Flattery but I read that the trail was steep and RVs were not recommended. So we headed to ShiShi, another beach and another trail. It started out easy enough, we walked on a boardwalk and bridges over the little creeks, but the further we went, the more muddy the route became, and we had to start climbing over trees that blew down in recent winter storms. Roy would stop often to cut little trenches to drain off some of the water, but I walked on. By this time, the mud was getting ankle deep and I decided, I just didn’t think that I needed to see the beach that much. I turned around knowing Roy was behind me.

Well, he wasn’t. He had climbed up above to miss the mud and we passed each other. Suddenly, I know something is very wrong, he was not behind me. I called. Nothing, I yelled. Nothing. I knew that I should turn around, but I just couldn’t do any more mud. Roy would have to fend for himself. I figured he either fell off a cliff, and if that was the case, I couldn’t help him anyway, cause I never saw a cliff, or we had passed and he would figure out I wasn’t there. Another hiker passed me and I told him I was returning to the car and if he saw my husband to please tell him. I went back to the rig and decided that if he didn’t come back in an hour I would call 911. He retuned just about an hour later, mad and wet.

I don’t think we will be doing much more hiking at least not in the rain.

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