Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Had a King Dome put on Casita

So we could get satellite TV and of course, we are having trouble connecting with the Internet. We drive the 150 miles to Eric's RV because the guys there are the best. John is honest and helpful, Buster is the best, even if he acts a tad grumpy and Spud has become a blessing. If you ever need RV help, try Erics. You won't be sorry.
And while your having your rig worked on, go next door to the Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Bests salas that I have tasted in a long time. Yum
Tonight we are staying at a nice RV Park called Rainbow's End RV Park. It is very special, well landscaped, with helpful and friendly staff. Its not like the normal parking lot that I so object to.
Day 3, back to Erics to see if we can get this thing fixed.....

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