Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hummm, we're getting the itch and it isn't even Spring

Some of you know I took a 6 week job just because I didn't have much else planned and I figured why not. Well, it took me a full week to get use to getting out of bed I still forget to turn on the alarm clock. While working is okay, and the money is nice to have, I just think, I like retirement better. I like it when its cold in the house and I can pretend I'm asleep and wait til hubby gets up to make the coffee and bump up the heat. Of course, some of the time, he out-waits me cause nature calls.
Anyway, I am so ready to get into the old RV and head out. Both Hubby and I are getting pulled in to things I really don't want to be pulled into. The Masons are asking more and more of him, and since he has nothing better to do, he does it, and the same with Red Cross. I love helping our troops and what I do, but I would sure like to be on the road.
And why not. I keep thinking we'll go in March, but whats wrong with January. The weather might be the pits but we have a heater and warm coats. If we get caught in a storm, well just park it.
So anyway, while March was looking good, January is looking better.

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