Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Easy Sunday

It's so cool to be retired. While most of the camp was packing up to go home, we still had another full day ahead of us to explore. There was only one beach that we hadn't been to and that was maybe a mile or so down the road.
Now, of course, my feet are covered with mole skin to protect the blisters but I am determined that I am not going to let my tired dogs keep me from seeing the world. The beach was beautiful and we spent about an hour watching some folks learn to kayak in the surf. One tipped over but came right back up. I think it would be fun to try, but Roy said that even in wet suits you get cold so I don't think I'm that interested.
Anyway, on the road back we met one of the park workers and we struck up a conversation. He was very nice and told us a little more about the park. Since most of the folks were now gone, the deer were out enjoying the lawn, and eagle flew overhead and an assortment of little critters darted about.
It was a leisurely day and our luck was holding with the weather.

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