Saturday, November 03, 2007

25 October Off again

Truisms like the best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry, could have applied to our Thursday. We planned to leave early but on Wednesday the cargo-haulers hired to deliver our new electric bikes called asking if they could deliver them some time on Thursday. They promised by noon, but we just knew that we'd be waiting until mid-afternoon. BUT much to our delight, they managed to make it before hoon and about 1pm we were off, destination Camp Disappointment State Park, WA, right on the southwest tip of the state.
We drove Hwy 6, a windy road with some very narrow bridges, but beautiful farm-scapes, forests and tiny towns with quaint names like Dryad, PeEll and Frances. Hwy 6 west ends at Hwy 101 which followed the contours of the Pacific and just before it turned east again, we jumped off near Long Beach and followed the signs to our new weekend home, Site 54. Cape Diappointment State Park.
The park is heavily forested with an easy jaunt to the beach. Sites are laid out in a circle so you have space and privacy between rigs. Bathrooms and showers were clean and staff was helpful and friendly.
And much to our delight, the weather looked promising.

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