Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bye, Ian

I heard about a death of a friend of mine. I have known this kid since he was a snot nose little bundle of joy with the widest grin on his face and a smile for everyone. We use to go hiking, and I was never sure that he really enjoyed the hikes (his brother didn't and would vocally complain) but not Ian, he would walk along and talk to me about just about anything and everything. As he grew up, hiking with the old folks just didn't have the same appeal and we saw less and and less of him, but he always came and said hello and we were always so comfortable together, even though we were a generation apart.
He was built like his dad, tall, broad shoulders, good looking. I never understood why some gal didn't snag him. He was shy around girls I guess. They could never compete with his Mom anyway. He adored her and his Dad also. Maybe he was trying to find someone who could cook better than his mom. That would make sense, that would be almost impossible.
He was artistic, and his mom would send us his cartoons. I never understood them, but it was again a generation thing I think. But I certainly was amazed at his talent, that was something you saw right away. And intellect. The boy was a genius.
I remember he use to take me to see his computer, and he'd tell me all about the new program and some awesome thing it could do. Damn, I never understood a word he was telling me, but that didn't matter to either of us. He was just a good kid and I was just the old lady and we were friends.
And he died. He shouldn't have died. He was to damn young. Us old folks are suppose to go first, we shouldn't have to bury our children. Its not fair. Not to him. Not to his family or to his friends. He's leaving to many of us behind.
But he will always live in our hearts. We will always remember that silly grin. We will always remember his talent, his art, and I guess as long as your loved, your still alive.
Will miss you Ian. We had more mountains to hike and you had more pictures to draw.

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