Saturday, November 03, 2007

27 Oct, More hiking, Oh my aching feet.

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling no pain after yesterdays 12 mile hike, (okay so Im exaggerating a mite)so after breakfast we decided to take the 2.8 mile hike to North Head Lighthouse, the one we saw from the beach yesterday. The sign said "moderated" but I would have added "to strenuous" at least for us old folk.
It started off pretty flat but we knew that couldn't last and soon we started to climb. The trail was really pretty, but it was so shady, most of it was mud and dead leaves and tree roots, all trying to trip me up. I had visions of landing on my butt and spending the day with a big old mudstain on me. There were many of these old growth trees but this one seemed to be one of the larger

The vistas were beautiful, but I didn't like looking most of the time

Up close the lighthouse looked a little sad. The white paint from afar was a dirty yellow up close, the paint was peeling and the plaster cracking. For $2.50 you could climb to the top, but they weren't getting many takers and you can bet I didn't feel the urge. It was a ladder up, not stairs
Not looking forward to the return trip on the muddy trail we took the road instead, which probably added a mile or so to the hike and my dogs were now complaining loudly. Also I felt a blister developing but it was worth the trip as I can add another lighthouse to my collection.
Tomato soup for lunch and maybe a little nap.Then we talked out to the beach and headed south toward the Jetty

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