Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fossil, Oregon

The road to Fossil was easy and wonderful compared to our last one that still has me shuttering when I think about it. Fossil was named after the John Day Fossil Beds in the area and it had quiet a fasinating history. Unfortunatedly, the Museum had a sign that it was closed for the winter (It's mid September in the rest of the world) so we were unable to visit, but the town still had a lot going for it. The museum was in the first Masonic Building.
The county building with its blue tower was built in 1901 and there was also an old sheepherders wagon (original RV?) and one-room school house. (I ordered DSL and will post some pictures after I get it. Dial-up is just to slow)I can't tell you about the blue tower, but its colorful if nothing else.

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