Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Day

Can we pick em, the weather was not only glorious, it was spectacular as we headed out today, and the weatherman promises more of the same for most of the week. Our trip to Portland was without incident and George was waiting for us in his driveway when we arrived. After hugs and a few minutes of chats, a quick tour of his garden, we headed to "Grand Lodge" for lunch.

True to Georges prediction, Roy enjoy looking at and touring the old building and we all enjoyed the hamburgers. While Roy explored, I waited in the car and played with the GPS system. Hum, the town of Tillamock was just 39 miles west and the Tillamock Cheese Factory with its awesome ice cream was just the dessert we needed. It took nothing to convince the men and shortly we were off.

Hwy 6 goes from quaint farms, then up and through the Tillimock National Forest and then down to the ocean. After enjoying our 2 scoops, we drove out to Camp Mears Lighthouse and checked it out. George pointed out that last summer we went to the tallest lighthouse in Washington and this one surely is the squatiest.

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