Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baker County

Got ta tell you about the Motel. On our trip we stayed at one, count em, one corporate motel, and the rest were all Mom and Pop places. I gotta tell you, I love thoes Mom and Pop places. They seem to try harder, like the microwave popcorn in Joseph and the friendly staff at La Grande, the cute little rooms in Condon with a warning not to wash your birds in the sink. (That really got to me cause I couldn't imagine why anyone would travel with a bird, let alone want to wash it. Roy had to explain about hunting birds) Anyway, when we got to the Bridge Street Motel in Baker City I was more than impressed. The price was just at $50 a night, and they had free daily newspapers, tons of great food at the Continental Breakfast, free WIFI, and a badly needed laundry. I gave it a great rating, but then I got all bit up and I swear they had fleas in the room. Could have been worse, could have been bedbugs, but I rather think it was fleas as they allow dogs.
Okay, we stayed two days in Baker and we could have done more. We drove north to the little town of Haines, Or and they were having Pioneer Days. The ladies were all decked out in pioneer clothes and the men in their jeans and cowboy hats. They squared danced in the street and you could pan for gold and drink homemade cider and visit their museum. They also had a historic park where they brought in and restored old cabins and area building.

Chandler Cottage, The first cabin known to have been built in Baker County about 1861.

Haines Museum, Old time truck. They also had a restored backsmith forge, carriages and slays plus a building full of "stuff". They had a lady who made apple head dolls and one who demonstrated tating.

This isn't a real mine, but it looked like one. Part of the Historic Park.

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