Saturday, September 29, 2007

Baker City

Now I told you that I liked Joseph, but Baker City runs a close second. The town is right off I84 and while I understand from the residents that a few years ago it was on the dead or dying list, it's being rebuilt and restored one building at a time. We found a place to park and immediately went to check out the gold display at the US bank. They had a 9 pound nugget, plus lots of smaller pieces on display. Right across the street is the Geiser Grand Hotel probably Baker City's most recognizable historic building. We met another couple who had just eaten lunch there and they said that the Holel was grander than the food, so we passed on that. But we did check out the walking tour and saw some amazing homes and buildings.
The town is coming back to life due to the determination of the folks who live in the area. We checked out their museum. It was in the Baker City Municipal Natatorium. Now I didn't even know what a Natatorium was but it was built in 1919 and had a indoor Olympic size pool and room for dances etc. The building fell to ruin after WWII but eventually the residents talked the city into buying it and they restored it, filling in the pool, and turning it into a museum. It is awesome and fun and very interesting.
Baker City is on my keeper list.

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