Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Two

We've gone from the ocean, over the mountains and as you can see from the picture, miles of nothing buy rolling hills.
I got ta tell you, lunch at Grand Lodge started a trend as at every town we are finding Masonic symbols in just about every town.
Our day started with a big breakfast at Black Bear Restaurant. Even their senior menu has big portions and more than any of us could eat.
Traffic in Portland was tough, even after 0900 but we found our way to the Historic Columbia River Hwy from Troutdale and for the next 20 or so miles we enjoyed the scenic and beautiful drive.
There are some must stops and the first was the view from the Portlands Women's Fourm, (frist shot) It was even better than from Vista House, a mile further on. We also stopped at 3 falls, Latourell, Bridal Veil and Multnomah before we returned to I 84.
Forest slowly turned to rolling hills, devoid of trees completely. We stopped at The Dalles for gas and passing turn town we found the Masonic Hall
From I84 we turned off at Hwy 206 and stopped and took a picture of this old church built in the late 1800s and last used in 1914. It was sad to see it rotting away. Stopping at Wasco to ask about the church, I pulled around the corner and parked right in front of the second masonic building.
Condon was our last stop. We came over the hill and there was this patch of green. George couldn't believe it was our destination as it looked like a dot, but it was .

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