Monday, August 29, 2005

Upcoming trip to Kyoto

Its morning in Japan and we can feel a bit of fall in the air. Gone is the morning humidity that made one feel as if you needed another shower before you even stated your day. Fall is a time to start sightseeing again and next week, the Nelsons, Sallie and Roy and I are going to go to Kyoto. We have rented a van and have reservations at the Kyoto New Hotel right near the castle with the nightengale floors. The ancient Japanese were always thinking up unique ways to protect themselves and one was the nightengale floor. Walk on it and it will sing well, sigh is probably a better description of the sound that it makes. You say whats the big deal, all our carpenters can do that, we all have a step or spot that squeeks when we step on it. Well, this sound isn't a squeek at all, its a soft, and not unpleasant sound. What is so amazing about it, is that it is still there after 500 years of being stepped on.
If you ever come to Japan and only have a few days, Kyoto is where you should go as it doesn't have 10,000,000 folks like Yokyo, and it is full of tourist sights. Nara is nearby, another great touring town with 5 story pagotas.

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