Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Three months, one week and we retire, and the plan is to fix up the motor home and travel. Where does not matter, although the price of gas lately may dictate how fast and how far we go. When isn't important either cause we can go where the weather is good and stop if the weather is bad, hunker down and wait it out.
Anyway, my friends this looks like the perfect blog for us as its neither travel, nor political nor anything except cute. If you want to keep up with us, you have our website. If you want to know where we are, just mark this page and we will keep you up to date. Now I must tell you that once on the road it’s going to be difficult to get online. We just don't have the money for a dish to mount on the motor home, they start at about six thousand and then there is another hundred dollar monthly fee. I have heard about just getting the dish and setting it up yourself, which would require knowledge that I don't possess and while Roy probably does, he is computer illiterate so wouldn't be able to talk the talk either.
So, when we actually hit the road, we will continue writing in our blog, but only add it when we can find Internet access. If you don't find new pages come back again as eventually we will stop.
The Plan, The Plan
Well you know the plan must be fluid as much will dictate when and when we travel. Friends who have been the most vocal about us coming to visit are one major influence on our decision. Canada has been very insistent, and the beautiful mountains in Banff are luring to say the least, but that will probably have to be next summer when the weather is warm. I don't think I want to do Canada in winter. California also beckons; today I got two emails from folks in Morongo Basis urging us to come that way. We were even offered parking space in their driveway, which will certainly save us big bucks. Calif is tempting as Joshua Tree area is my second home and I would love to stay there forever.
Daughter and Yelm friend, you know who you are, have agreed to go to Mexico with me, and I am holding them to it. We won't motor home, we will fly as I found a real cheap place to stay at a great price and I think you will enjoy it. Besides since both are still employed that will dictate the time we have and a flight is faster.
And then cousin Karen3 you have promised to hit the genealogy trail with me, looking for those elusive relatives that managed to evade the census reports.
And Dea, my friend, who has taught me to look for birds where ever we go, I am really anxious to go to southern AZ to take some famous birding trails and maybe start my own list. While there, I need to go to New Mexico as I have heard they might be planning to cover and protect the ancient Native American ruins to protect them from the elements and I want to see them before that happens.
Roy wants to go down the Washington, Oregon, Calif coast first and that’s also a possibility, but we did that last summer so maybe I can talk him into taking 395 south. HWY 395 starts at/around Pendleton Ore and travels south down the inside eastern edge of Oregon and Calif and while I did do most of it a few years ago, at least the Calif part, Roy would enjoy it and its a lovely quite road, and it leads right to Joshua Tree. Hummm what does that tell you? I have to be in Indio for the tamale festival the first week of December, that's a must and since it is near Joshua Tree, maybe we can spend the winter there.

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