Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pottery Lessons

Well did you remember to start reading from the bottom up? If so, you know the plan and the list and the timeframe. My buddy, who is reading over my shoulder said that I should be talking about Japan, and telling you what beautiful country this is. I will do that, as I do have three months left in this glorious country and plans for lots of trips.
This upcoming weekend I actually have no travel plans but we are going to see a pottery show at city hall. Pottery you ask? Iwakuni is very lucky to have a great potter who teaches classes and his students are putting on a show of their work, and I am one of those. I have a vase to exhibit, one which I haven't even see the finished product yet. I made it two weeks ago and to get it finished Sensai had to glaze and fire it himself. I probably won't even beable to find it.
Sensai is not only a artist but he has also developed interesting glazes and learned how to make antique glaze. He also built an antique kiln in his back yard, just like the potters of 600 years ago used and I am so lucky that I got to get one of my pieces fired in this kiln. I hope I can figure how to add images cause I want you to see his beautiful work, and the work of his students, who have somehow surpassed the Sensai. I will take picture.
Another thing I love about Japan is Sumo. Vickie (are you reading this Vic) got me started watching Sumo and I still can't believe that I am so addicted to it. She asked me if I would tape a Sumo show for her. Unfortunately I never did because my old VCR had long lost directions, and I didn't know how, but I did start to watch it. I hate WWWrestling and I'm neither interested in Greco Roman or boxing, but I love Sumo. Maybe its the ancient rituals that it involves. Maybe its the speed, most matches are less than 6 seconds long, maybe it's the lack of blood. But I plan nothing for the 15 days of Sumo and I cheer when the Yokosuno, top man, gets beat, (its happened once maybe twice in the last last six months. The man is awesome and completely in charge) I also cheer when Ama, a little tiny skinny guywho holds his own with the big guys and the Russian, well actually Georgian who actually beat the Yokosuno last basho and looks like he is headed for Oseke, (position under the top dog) You should see the great Sumo dolls that I have collected. They are my pride and joy, and I love them, even though I paid an arm and leg for them.
Well, its late. Ill be back tomarrow night

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