Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Took and survived my first solo RV trip and while I had a great time, I don't think Ill do it often as there is just something comforting about having a 'co-piolet' along.
The RV was in the garage right up to the day I was suppose to go depart, delaying me by a full day. To save time, I loaded up the car with all I'd need on the trip and then just transferred it to the rig. Big mistake, I should have brought it home as when I got to the campground, I found the water tank was only a quarter full and well, I won't even try to describe what the refrigerator looked like after 3 weeks of being unplugged..
I was meeting friends at the campground, so it really wasn't a solo event, but the drive up was awesome. I went over Hwy 90 to Cle Elem and then over Blewett Pass to Levenworth and then the camp is about 10 miles beyond town. I thought it was a couple of miles from town, so when it didn't magically appear, I started to get panicky. I kept telling myself the next brown (National Forest Service) sign I would pull in an ask where Tillicum Campground is. Lucky for me, Tumwater Campground appeared and I didn't have to embarrass myself by asking for the wrong place.
Tumwater Campground is a real jewel in the National Forest system of campgrounds as only the Federal government can afford to space out the sites so that you feel as if your alone in the wilderness. Set in the confluence of the Wenachee River, Chiwaukum Creek and Hwy 2, each sites backs up one or the other. Our site wasn't the best as we wanted to be together but we shared a large area and were out of the way of other campers. Since it is dry, all I had to do was make sure the propane was on the refrigerator and since it had never been lit before, it took some doing, but finally I heard it click on and while it took some time to get cold and I worried about the large steak I bought, it was working. Meanwhile, I noticed that I really needed water and there was no place at all to fill up the tank. It has water but the faucets didn't have treads on them so I couldn't attach a hose. I didn't worry about it cause I was sure I had enough to wash and since the park had flush toilets, I would just use that.
That was Friday, Saturday we decided to head into town an we stopped at Heidleburger for a hamburger. Oh yummmmm, I got a mushroom burger and a huge order of curly fries. I really recommend this cool little place if you need a decent burger for a fair price. Next we went out wine tasting and while the place was pretty, a rustic log cabin, the wine was not to my liking.
Levenworth is a great tourist town, done like a little Swiss village and its fun to visit.
Sunday morning we headed west to a great restaurant we heard about. The service was slow, but worth the wait.
Monday I headed home and cheated as when I got home, I conned Roy into coming with me to dump. LOL So I really didn't have much to do at all. Now I am still cleaning the refrigerator in bleach water and hoping to get it back to its sparkle.

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