Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pleasant Surprize

Last night I had a call from Japan. My travelin' buddy Sallie called and I'll be we talked the good part of an hour. (Japan's phone companies charge about 4 cents a minute so she can afford to call the US. I can't even call Seattle for 4 cents a minute. I think we are getting ripped off) Anyway, she said Nick and Fumie, Bev and Berry and she had gone to see a professional Japanese baseball game in Hiroshima and said they had a great time. I remember when she took me to the games and it was just about kicking and screaming cause I am not a fan of baseball unless its sand lot soft ball and my daughter is playing first base. But I had a ball and I guess Bev and Berry also enjoyed themselves. First of all, the fans are exceedingly polite and they take turns cheering for their team. First the one side gets up with their flags and drums and banners and they cheer for about a half hour and then the other side does the same.
Okay you can soon get bored with that, but then the 7th inning starts and your looking around cause suddenly you see a balloon in a fans hands. Not one of those round balloon. but a balloon about 3 foot long. Then someone else has a one and then you notice that everyone in the park is blowing up these balloons and its a sea of color. Then on cue, they are all released into the air sounding like one big fart. LOL Here's a blog about the same thing. LOL, with pictures even

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