Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Enter at your own risk, lots of rambling goin on

I love blogs and read a lot of them. I told you about the lady RVer who I read a lot. Also there is George. George has a RV and he travels 30 or so miles a day, parks where he can for free and has seen most of the western US and Mexico. I enjoy reading "George" but lately its become a little repetitive. http://vagabonders-supreme.blogspot.com/ so I only check in once in awhile. I love Horses' Ass, a political, left wing blog but its mostly Washington State politics so you probably won't be interested. Then theirs Jamies stuff. I would give my eye teeth to beable to write like that lady. I would give you her link, but you'll have to ask and Ill email it to you privately. She's sidesplitting funny, or stone serious, but I love both sides of her.
So where is this going. Oh yeah I remember. So you can absolutely find anything on the internet and you have to take all of it with an understanding the folks don't have to tell the truth, like Fox News, you need to make a point, make something up. Or like that Savage Nation guy. Roy actually listens to him and a couple weeks ago when the Chief Justice got sick, Savage blamed the liberals for causing his seisure. That man is a sicko.

Speaking of Sicko, the movie. I went to see it and I really enjoyed it. If your a conservative and don't like Michael Moore, see it anyway. Its not like Farenheit 9-11 at all. Its not conservative bashing, its just asking why all other nations have great medical care for their folks, all their folks including the poor. Did you see the study that came out this week about the life expectancy in the US. 48 countries have higher life expectancys than we do, including Cuba, Tiawan and most of Europe have better health care. Its a shame,

Lets kick the bums out and elect anyone else.

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