Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sequim, Wa

20 Feb 06,
I am certainly glad that we brought the feather bed cause under the covers it was roasty toasty, but let an extremedy escape and it froze. Needless to say, new bed, new surroundings, new noise, we were awake for most of the night.
About 0630 Roy braved the cold, and dressed. He was the one who told me to turn off the heat so I was perfetly willing to let him get up and turn it back on. Fifteen minutes later it was still cold as a witches tit, but I needed coffee and so I forced myself out of bed and into some clothes.
Our very first breakfast in Casita was hot oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. The milk was frozen solid so that tells me the refrigerator works, I just need to find the settings to turn it down.
But Casita has some short-comings. We have no cable outlet so I guess well have to get the domb for the TV. The sink leaks, Roy is going to get a new fauset for it, but now I have heat and thats mostly what I am concerned about. The bed was comfy and the toilet seat when sat upon, even in the cold, wasn't bad at all.
We left Casita in the good hands of Buster at Erics and set on foot to explore Sequim. The first stop was coffee at Burger Kinds. I bought a copy of the Sequim Gasette and the front page had a story about where Sequim got its name. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it online, but here is the link to the paper.
The article said that there are a few possible places that Sequim got its name. On authority said that it came from Suxtcikwi'in' a tribal word for "quiet or calm waters". The first letters mailed out from Sequim were post marked Seguin and the first book written about the are called it Squim. Another theory is that there was an onion type bulb that grew in the area and gathering these bulbs were called 'going skwimming"
We killed about an hour at Burger King and then headed for the drug store as I am getting that scratching throat/chills/stuffy nose feeling, a sure indicator of a cold coming on. Betty was over on Saturday and she had a horrible cold so I guess its my turn. Roy also needed a hat and of course there is always a list of things that we forgot to bring, hair brush for one.
Lunch was a a great Mexican Restaurant. We had a carne verde burrito that was very good. Also their home made salsa was perfect.
The rest of the day was spent at Eric's. When she was all done, and strutting her stuff we drove about a mile to an RV park and the nice folks there helped Roy set up. I turned the heat on and spent a very comfortable night.

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