Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunday 19 Feb 06
Milage 122
Destination Sequim, Washington
Gas $2.08 a gallon, $72.
We did it, I actually drove Casita on her first shake down cruise and we both did very well.
We drove to Sequim, to Erics Auto and RV Repair as Casita needs headers and has an exhause leak. It will be expensive but well worth the money with gas prices the way they are.
Most of Hwy 101 is designated as a senic highway and that is not a lie. We went from forest, to water views (Puget Sound) to small farms. The Sound was like glass and except for being a tad bit cold, it was a perfect day from traveling.
We arrived at Erics about 4pm. They have some electric outlets there so we plugged in and made ourselves at home. The TV didn't work but thats because they have no local stations in the area, so we ate left over split pea soup and watched videos on the lap top. Posted by Picasa

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