Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well poor old Casita has been thru the mill with all this rain. She sprange a few leaks, the step went out but not back in, the lights didn't work, but finally we are taking her on our first shake down cruise on the 20th. Destination Sequim, Wa where she is going to get new headers and a back up camera.
I am not sure why we have to drive all the way to Sequim, but that's okay, I haven't been to Port Angeles in ages and I have never been to Neah Bay, where I am sure we will get some wild pictures. While we plan to just follow our whims, I would also like to do the Dungeous again and check out Port Townsend. We might do the loop and might not. Sequim is kinda a great place to visit in the winter because it happens to be in what they call a rain shadow. It gets only about 10 inches of rain a year there while just around the corner in the Hoh area, they get over a 1oo inches. But its a small town that unfortunately lost all its personality when WalMart and Safeway moved it. There is a couple blocks of quaint little stores, but most of it is now strip malls.
I can give you a better picture when I return.

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