Thursday, January 26, 2006

Household Goods Arrived

Well, the furniture made it over the ocean and all in one piece, but his, mine and ours doesn't fit in this little home. Retirement is a time for downsizing and I seem to be accumlating instead. We are talking seriously about selling the house and building something out on the property, but something has to fit all this stuff.

But most of the boxes are unpacked, some are still sitting on the back porch, but if I opened them I wouldn't have any place to put the stuff anyway so let them sit. I am still missing a few important items, but nothing that I need to go digging for. Opening boxes is a little like Christmas, little gifts to unwrap. BUT, the Japanese really wrap stuff. First there is a thick layer of paper around what ever and then a layer of that white wrapping paper and finally a layer of bubble wrap. The problem is it takes forever to unwrap stuff and there is so much stuff that needs tossed. I'm filling up a landfill.

The more it rains here in Washington, the more heading south sounds like a plan, so it is now time to get Casita on the road. First, we need to fix the electric step that has stopped working and while it could have been something as simple as a broken wire, Roy bought the whole works and again as soon as it stops raining, we will start work on it. Also, we need a new front window I noticed, we have a major crack and the skylight in the bathroom is leaking. Its never ending I guess.
Once I get on the road, all will be right with the world

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