Monday, June 13, 2005

Recently I found a blog site, The Adventures of Ms Tioga and George. This team also consists of Mr Camera, and Ms GPS and the like, George is the only living, breathing member, but as you read, each member seems to take on its own personallity.
The team has a few simple rules. Tioga gets daily maintenance. The team travels no more than 200 miles a day and they rarely pay for a campground. Also Ms Tioga keeps her speed at under 50 MPH. Each rule really makes financial sence. RV campground parking can cost up to 30 even 40 dollars a night and that rapidly adds up. Folks say well they need the campgrounds so they can have electricity, internet access, etc. but the way George saves money, he can readily afford a solar system. He has a bank of 6 batteries and 6 solar panels which give him adequate electricty for the day. He also equiped Ms Tiogo with Levelors and that is generally a must have for boondocking. He added a larger foot pad on them so they don't sink into the ground.

So, I am so interested in this way of life and hope that I can emulate him at some point. 5 months til retirement. Happy days.

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