Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Everyday I check in with George and Ms Tioga and today was no exception. He was just going from Oregon into Calif at Crescent City where we were just this time last year.
So looking forward to starting our own adventure. Last night, Roy and I invited Sallie, our engineer buddy and Barry Nelson , whose wife went home for the summer, to join us for Italian night at the club. I ordered the Chipolte Sauce and it was a tad on the spicy side, but I really enjoyed the food and the company was delightful. We will miss our friends here in Iwakuni.
But not enought to want to stay. We have our own Ms Tioga to worry about, but our turtle shell (RV) is a Georgie Boy Pursuit which has been idle for a couple years and will need a lot of TLC to get her into go condition.
I think the maintenace will be up to Roy, but I have been reading up on what needs to be done, just in case and my list is getting extensive.
I need to check to see if I can download my picture so excuse the little detour here.

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