Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 17th 2005

I just had a call from Phyllis, bud from Okinawa who said they have had 3 days of constant downpouring rain. When I was in Okinawa last month all it did was rain, so we didn't get out much. Actually if I never go back to Okinawa that will be fine with me. Everywhere we went the food was blaa and tasteless, both on base and off, unless you like fast food and there were tons of those around. We went out for Chinese and everyonne just raved about the food and I thought it was bland and tasteless.
Of course I was not there to sightsee, we were there for a meeting but the only thing worth the trip was the airpost. Every hallway, every window, every knuck and cranny had orchids, the most beautiful orchids. I took lots of pictures but unfortunately they are not in photobucket.
Speaking about orchids. Sallie went to the states for a couple of weeks and asked if I would babysit her orchid. The poor thing was about on its last legs, half the stalks didn't have and leaves and the ones that did were lookin pretty sorry. The next morning I was watching Tipical Mary Ellen on TV and what did she talk about was how to care for orchids. Sallie was watering them from the top. Well I went and got a large flat bowl, filled it with gravel and placed the orchid there. Still lost a couple of leaves but, I think it looked a lot healthier than when she gave it to me.
Sallie is one of the folks that I will miss here in Japan. She is a civil engineer who works for the Marines and I love exploring Japan with her. We never use the same road twice and she knows every back street in Iwakuni.
We also go to pottery class together and what fun that is. I need to bring my camera to show you the teachers work. He and his son are amazing potters and his glazes are amazing.
I am going to miss Japan but I am so ancious to just get home and put ARC behind me.

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