Thursday, June 09, 2005

June in Japan

The wonders of Japan still continually amaze me. Yesterday it was summer, the humidity hit us in the face like a wet wash cloth. We watched the track of the first thyphoon of the year, and felt yet another earthquake.
We were in a big 6.7 earthquake last month. We went to a festival in Yamagawa and while we were standing next to the river, watching the prince and princess go by, the earth really started to shake. It was rather funny, because I remember looking down at my feet and wondering why they were moving and I'm a Calif girl, I know about earthquakes.
Anyway, what really interested me was the reaction of the children. They immediately dropped and covered their heads. All of them, in little circles. It was amazing to watch. They are well trained here, much better than we are in the US.
So, I have to figure out why my pictuers are not showing up. HUMM, the rose garden was absolutely beautiful and Im sorry that you missed the pictures.

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