Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow in the desert.

They are calling for snow tonight and Saturday but heading down to Pasadena to visit Cousins Richard and Linda. I'm excited, it's been years. The cousin thing is pretty weak, let me see, we are 2nd cousins. Linda's grandfather, Richard's grandmother and my grandmother were siblings.

Richard lives near the LA arboretum and I think I will stop there on the way home. THEN to Sheilds to pick up some Abbada Dates. OMG, they are dark, almost black, with a really unique flavor. I hope they are still available as they don't last long.
At 40 buck per 5 pounds, I can afford about 3 dates.

Two more months and then its home to get the RV. Think I'll head east to see the great grandbaby. I need to post a pic of him.

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