Saturday, March 02, 2013

 So looking for a place to go birding, I read about this lake that was called "Dry" but wasn't, and had a lot of shorebirds and it was only 20 miles out of Barstow. I googled it and one person posted that the last 2 miles of the road was pretty bad and not to try it in the rain.
So,this morning I head out to see this oasis in the desert and turned off the highway at the sign that said "Wildlife Viewing -8 miles". The map said the road was paved and about 100 yards in there was a sign, "Road Work Ahead".  Should have thought something was fishy cause the sign looked old and battered. But I drove on with visions of shorebirds and green. The more I drove, the worse the road became.and I was thinking about turning around but I wanted to see this lake and kept going.
I came to a what may have been a town at one time. but now the buildings were empty and forlorn looking, street signs were hand made and I didn't see anything that looked green.
Beyond the town, the road got worse, and I was reduced to maybe 10 miles per hour. But the odometer said 2 more miles so I kept going. All of a sudden I come to what is suppose to be the turn off onto the dirt road and instead I'm greeted by a newly paved road, and one of those signs, Speed Limit 15 miles per Hour and your going --" Now,there is a fence along the north side of the road and there is some building going on, but I have no idea what they are building and if I'm really suppose to be there.  About a mile further, I come to a stop sign and security guards!!!!! But they wave me on, I guess what ever it is, the little old lady doesn't look like a threat.  The only thing that I can think these things are is maybe solar panels, miles of them. 
Well, you can see this beautiful oasis!  What a trip.
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